Review of football slots

Online casino slots games that are themed on various sports have grown popular over recent years. As football (as in soccer) is the most popular game in the world, it is hardly surprising that football themed slot games are amongst the most popular of all games played by sports fans at online casinos. Here we will take an in-depth look at just one of these that has a somewhat different and more amusing twist from most of them. The game is called Soccer Safari and it really is a great slot to play.

First the game fundamentals: it is a five reel slot with 30 paylines. It was developed by Microgaming and it is a non-progressive slot available to play on online casinos or with similar versions on mobile casinos The top payout is 40,000 coins which equates in terms of real money to an £8,000 jackpot. The maximum bet is 600 coins and the coin value is from 10p up to 20p which equates to a bet range from 10p up to £120. The game features wild symbols, multipliers, scatter symbols, free spins and bonus features.

What makes the game unique is the way in which it uses its basic theme of the 2010 World Cup. Rather than football players in the real sense, here the players as well as the spectators are all comic renditions of animals from the South African. There are giraffes, lions, buffaloes and other creatures all set in a huge football stadium. There is even a sports commentator who is depicted as an elephant and who looks remarkably like one that we are used to seeing on TV.

There are free spins, but the most interesting bonus feature is the chance to take a kick at goal. Here you choose a shot and go for goal and each time you score you win a prize. This is an open-ended jackpot so you get the chance to keep on shooting until you fail - A fun slot for football lovers everywhere.

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