Fans want to see Russian team disbanded

Many fans have called for the Russian team to be disbanded following their poor performance at the Euros.

Indeed there were high hopes that the Russian team can at least get out of their group at the Euros in France, but the Russian team failed to do so.

A group of Russian fans has opened a petition to ask for the Russian team to be disbanded. They believe that the players did not give their best and that they were not interested in defending their country. The petition has received more than 800, 000 signatures.

The team finished bottom of their group and ended up with defeat against teams such as Wales and Slovakia. Russian fans believe that their team has been given far more resources than their Group B opponents and that the players were not interested in playing for the national team. They have called for the team to be disbanded and to select new players for the future. They believe that the current team should not be allowed to represent Russia in the future and that chances should be given to others.

Fans believe that money should be invested in the development of football and that young players should be given chances to make it to the highest level. The petition was addressed to Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

They believe that Russian national team is not working at the moment and that it is no use continuing investing money in it. They believe that a new structure needs to be put in place and that only interested players should be selected to play for the Russian national team.

Russian fans believe that the national team has stalled during recent years, and that changes are needed if Russia is going to progress.

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