Diego Milito performance hurt by Players Injuries

A string of successive injuries hampered Diego Milito’s time with the Italian club Inter Milan until he eventually reached an age where he was just not able to continue competing with his opponents or his own teammates in the Italian League, Serie A and Milito decided to make a return to the first professional club that he joined which was Racing Club.

Before Diego Milito decided to make a move to Europe and perform in top clubs in Spain or Italy, his career kicked off with his local club Racing. As a player of Racing Club, Milito spent 6 seasons where he managed to make over 150 appearances before joining Genoa.

Milito is 35 years old and the Argentine attacker is well aware that he is reaching the final stages of his career and he is hoping that he can end his career on a high note by winning the league trophy with Racing Club and everything will be decided on December 14th when Racing Club faces off with Godoy Cruz de Mendoza in the last match of the season in the Argentine League.

Racing Club is currently located at the top of the League but they will need to collect a victory in order to collect the title and remain ahead of River Plate who only are 2 points behind them.

Diego Milito expressed his desire to win the league before the conclusion of his career as he stated that it would be a dream of his if he is able to accomplish this goal with the club where he started it all off.

‘’ It would be a dream, if we are able on winning the trophy it would be something unique and special for me as my time as a player is reaching its end. No matter what happens I am enjoying life here. For me, claiming the title would be a great way to finish my career with something that I desire so much’’

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