Diego Milito lost part of his life in the final whistle

Diego Milito officially retired from the world of football on May 21st of 2016 when he performed with Racing Club in a match against Temperley.

The Argentinean attacker hung up his boots at the age of 36 after having spent over 15 years performing with a number of different clubs.

When he retired on May 21 in Racing Club’s match against Temperley, the retired player stated that when he heard the final whistle, a part of him disappeared, a part of his life just banished as it was a moment that Diego Milito never really wanted to arrive but it was an event that had to occur in some point of time.

‘’It’s hard to take away the player from my head. Today I am enjoying things that I could not do when playing for a club like spending more time in the morning with my father, visiting my friends, my family members, taking my children to school and picking them up’’ Diego Milito said.

Even though Diego Milito is not considered to be as one of the best players to perform in Europe, he did manage to mark his name in the history books of Racing Club as he helped the club in lifting the domestic league title on 2 separate occasions.

Milito made over 180 appearances for Racing Club and he was able to claw his way in the hearts of the supporters of the club as well as the head chiefs of the Argentinean outfit. The recently retired player was such an influential player for Racing Club that he was immortalized in the streets around the Juan Domingo Peron stadium which is the home ground of the club.

"These things leave me speechless, it even seems like madness. But I am very grateful for the affection fans give me and it is hard to explain what I feel today." Milito said after reacting to the street surrounding the home stadium of Racing Club having his own name.

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