Diego Milito on Inter Milan

Former Inter Milan striker Diego Milito believes that Inter Milan has a good chance of winning the title this season.

He said that the club already has a good squad and he believes has made some interesting signings during the transfer window that will allow the club to progress.

Diego Milito believes that the Inter Milan coach Luciano Spalletti is an experienced coach and he is the right person to take the club forward. He believes that the Milan side has been far too long in the shadow of Juventus and it is high time that they get back their former glory.

The former Inter Milan striker said that the modern game is influenced a lot by money and that with their new owners Inter Milan can now compete in the transfer market. He said that there were times where they were struggling to buy the top players, and he feels that things are changing now.

Diego Milito, however, admitted that Inter Milan does not lose their best players in the process. He said that it is important that Luciano Spalletti keeps Ivan Perisic at the club if he wants to build a team that will challenge for the title.

Indeed there is news that Perisic might be moving to Manchester United before the end of the transfer window and Milito believes that this will be a bad move. He said that Perisic is an important member of the team and that it will be a major disappointment if Inter Milan allows such a player to leave the club.

The former Milan striker said that the team should be looking to strengthen at the moment rather than selling their best players. He believes that they have a real chance of fighting for the title and that they need to give their best on the pitch.

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